C/C++ Code Examples!


Descent the complete Source!


Winamp User Interface Development
Compiles well in VC++ 5 & 6
Visual Basic Zone



Lots of example code, that is very well documented,
shows many of the basics and the advanced side
of c++. 20 chaperters on code examples.


This example shows how to change the color of the text and the backround of a console application.
This tutorial start with the beginning of Win32 Api programming and just leads you through the card of API programming. They start of with basic things, like mouse, keyboard, timer etc.. but you'll also look into graphics, text, clipboard, dialogs, menus, fonts and multi-tasking and sound.. so get this one today!
Visual C++ in 21 days.
C Samples to Network programming
Networking example in C++
A Great (chm) tutorial on ActiveX programming in VC++. It's from the basics to stuff like:Creating ActiveX COM Objects and Custom Interfaces Using MFC, Creating ActiveX COM Objects and Custom Interfaces on Your Own etc etc..``So a MUST download for the ones wanting to learn ActiveX in VC++


A complete Rpg made in c++