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A-Teams Web Ad
Web Ad is a banner rotator written in C, that utilizes Server Side Includes. As an administrator you can set up different sets of banners for rotation on different web pages and then monitor the statistics. It is a fast and sophisticated tool for managing your banners.

Ace Referer
This free script allows you to let your visitors send an invitation to your site without your intervention. There are less features in this script, but the full version has many more.

Ace Referer Pro
With many more features than the free version, this is a must if you need all the glamor in your referal system. Some of the features include the ability to define the subject, whether the webmaster is e-mailed on submissions, the message, the thankyou message sent to the referer and much more. The options can be hidden in HTML form values, or you can let the referer define the variables. Very easy to set up.

Ad Eagle
A complete banner advertising system created for high volume sites. This system offers unlimited rotations, auto expiration of banners by days, views, or clicks for each individual banner, plus plenty more features. Complete administration area, as well as a clients log-in area where clients have access to their live stats.

Ad Genie
Add, update, renew and review current ads through html forms, Display ads as part of HTML pages, in a separate frame or on the pages produced by CGI programs. On the fly Ads automatically expire after specified amount of days or impressions or clicks through. Specify various parameters for ads display, such as day(s) of the week, time intervals, pages at your site, domain name extension, keywords (if used in conjuction with search engine) Program keeps ads statistics and generates graphical, html and e-mail reports.

Ad Rotator - Get a FREE Statistical Banner Rotation System for your web site. is the, fast, easy, and FREE way to rotate your web site's advertising

Free ad management software. Use AdCycle to manage multiple ad campaigns on your web site. Control targeting, unique impressions, hourly distribution, and start dates. Choose from over 7 media formats including text links.

This free banner manager system allows thousands of banners to be placed on hundreds of web sites in one complete enviornment. Reports and statistics can be easily generated for both impressions and clicks per day, month, banner, category, and hourly timeline. It is simple to setup and customize. This entire system comes with an administrators manual and code specifications. Email support is avaliable if needed.

A cheap alternative to expensive advertising scripts. Advertise is a script with two forms. The first works as a conventional server-side include for those who have it. The second works as a CGI script that reads your HTML as a template and inserts a banner at specially marked places on your page.

Radiation's Ad Management System is a complete adbar placement and package for website publishers. Its flexible features include easy online management, integrated statistical tracking for each advertiser, powerful adbar location assignment system, and support for new generation adbars (utilizing mixed HTML, Shockwave, Java, etc.). Shareware AMS Lite is available for download from the site.


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