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How to get the battery information
How to capture the screen!
How to get the cpu info!!
This is an ectha sketch
How to get your ethernet address!
How to get your moniter information!
How to get windows nt sercurity information!
How to make cookies in vb!!
How to lower and higher the volume on a computer or cd!
How to make option buttons and check boxes transperant!
How to make a secured chat connection!!
How to split a file into smaller parts
This active x control makes shortcuts on the desktop and in the start menu!!!
This ActiveX DLL (Source Included) shows how to create animated dialogs in VB5. The DLL currently shows Animations for Copying, Moving, Deleting, Searching, Finding and Printing
How to make an app that checks for an updated version on the internet!!
How to make a program search for a string in a text box then find the next one and replace it!!
How to make lots of cool text effects!
You can use it to create that fancy looking tabs like Microsoft Excel's worskheet tabs. in your own VB Projects.
This makes cool light effects!!!
How to fade in to another picture!
This is a float button control!
Make your own web server!
This scrolls the caption of a form!
This is Source60 module, for aol 6.0, aol 6, this has over 200 subs/functions designed for aol 6.0. This is great for anyone looking to program in aol 6.0. Also has a large collection of non-aol subs and functions relating to files, folders, destroying items, listbox, etc
Aol Functions
How to animate a picture in the windows title bar!
Animate   Title Bar

Return to Visual Basic!
How to Align the form with Visible Taskbar Up, Left or anywhere...
How to Get File Attributes using GetFileAttributes API
How to Display Shutdown dialog screen using ExitWindowsDialog API
How to Display the run dialog using SHRunDialog API
Visual Basic Zone
This program can be used for creating visual presentations with modern multimedia! You can create virtual albums (sets of pictures organized in categories) of unlimitted size. It supports zooming, encoding, applying corel-like special effects to the images. It has modern interface: corel-like picture navigator and Office 2000 like toolbars. It gives you information about your system. This soft will allow you: to protect any information ie pictures, texts, sounds with passord; to manipulate pictures, applying cool effects; to quickly access your favourite programs through quick access panels and access system information
This Will Reveal Your Saved AOL Instant Messanger Passwords.
This my menu control that I made in two hours.  It makes custom menus there are a couple of bugs but it works well still!
More Code