Java Code!

    Its the Nokia Snake Game

This is a space game applet which has you flying around in space and shooting the blue ships. For each blue ship you shoot you get 100 points. The little stars which appear are power-ups which give you 25% health. If a ship shoots you you lose 10% health and if you miss a ship it will cost you 25% health. Note: the applet works fine in the Applet Viewer but for some reason it does not work properly in any browsers (MS or Netscape). If you can work out why please tell me.

    Play a game of TETRIS. Also, there is a cheat to go straight to level 6 with 42,000 points! Can you find it in the source code? Play it at

   This is a 3d tic tac toe game. my site -->
The program is a basic cd player in MS J++. It utilizes the Win32 APIs 'mciGetErrorString' and 'mciSendCommand' to talk to your cd drive. It works fairly well. It has all standard cd player functions, including: Play, Stop, Pause, Eject, Back, Forward. I also included a drop-comboBox to jump directly to a track. Check out my screen shot to see the excellent user-interface. The program also implements my 'FlatButton' control that I created to mimic that of CorelDraw.
A simple java notepad application. Created this app using JBuilder3 (JDK 1.2) using awt and swing. Pretty cool app but still basic...great for beginners. Be sure to look over the code to map the icons used in the app to the proper locations on your hard-drive. Have fun with it and make improvements. I have submitted the source code along with the classes used.
Visual Basic Zone
Castellan: Castle at War v1.0.3 WIN95/98/NT and Java 2 req'd. FREEWARE. Two-player strategy/war game of castle building. E-Brains.

Game- Chinese Checkers For JavaApplet

PVL : is a Physics Virtual Laboratory, contains about 50 simulators of Physics experiments.

CooTank(1.10 - build 002) is anJavaBeanApplet live menu system. It appears as an aquarium tank. Each object (Tropical fishes .

Java Lessons Learn how to code in Java with these easy examples broken down by chapters.